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Dear CoinLoan Investor,
You got this email because you believed in us at an early stage when our company conducted ICO. First of all, I want to thank you very much for your faith in the project that allowed to create our product. We have come a long way and achieved a lot in the last couple of years, but the most important plans are still ahead.
CoinLoan Story, Figures and Commitments
At the time of the ICO, we, like the whole market, believed that the growth of the BTC rate would always be only upwards, and every crypto investment would increase in price. We also expected funds collected would grow in its value.
But we all know what happened to the market.
During the ICO, we managed to attract about 2,500 investors and collected a total of $3,300,000 (at the rate of that time) and this amount turned into a value close to $1,000,000 because the value of all the cryptocurrencies collected, has changed not in our favor. And you clearly saw it yourself when the price of the token became significantly lower than the ICO price.
And at this moment we faced a difficult choice: to go further according to the roadmap or to accept that this amount of money is not enough to develop the CoinLoan project. Anyway, we decided to develop the product and fulfill our promises.
Well, establishing a product when the market goes down is a challenging experience. You just have to believe in your aim, in your team and readiness to create missing link in the world of digital assets.
After 18 months we can say with confidence, that we have made a pretty much difficult but totally correct choice.
We have fulfilled most of our roadmap commitments, getting over ourselves and solving seemingly impossible tasks. We have assembled a team of excellent specialists who believe in our business and has the courage to achieve enormous goals.
We have to admit that there are some tasks that are still under implementation. The execution of others has been postponed to a later date. But in general, taking into account the market conditions, we believe that our work is done perfectly.
We have a fully working product, an excellent team, more than 7,000 users, and an excellent MoM and other KPI indicators. Thank you again for believing in us.
Plans and Goals for 2019-2020
But as you know, product creation is just in the beginning, now we have to maintain one step ahead of the competition. We’re doing our best to accelerate the progress even more and expand our services.
Nowadays, we see huge opportunities in the digital asset market and planning development of B2B solutions for the market also getting ready for the next step.
Coinloan plans to launch IEO!
We believe that this will help us to take one of several steps to realize our goals and collect the necessary capital for further product development. We have ambitious plans for the development of our platform and are now focused on B2B solutions and partnerships with other products on the digital asset market.

We Plan to Achieve:

Sounds Way Too Ambitious, Doesn't It?
The —Āomplicated road to first results taught us to believe in our strength, in our community and a common goal. Join our journey today!
For all interested investors, we will hold a closed pool of token sales, and give you the opportunity to increase your position in the project. If you want to take a part in such a sale before the IEO event (or you have any other opportunities to participate in CoinLoan funding), please send email to alex@coinloan.iowith your confirmation and the desired amount of investment. We will provide you with full information about the next steps and the price of the token.
After that, we plan to hold open fundraising on one of the exchange platforms. It is worth considering that CoinLoan is not a place for speculative operations and the tokens will not be frozen in your account on the platform until the fundraising activities are over.
Holding or selling your tokens is always up to you. On our part, we’ve always expressly declared that our project is a long game and not a proper place for speculators and quick cash lovers.
We are grateful to all those who are with us and believe in us. Our story is not a fairy tale about success, it is a story about difficult choices and the everyday hard work that we do in order to succeed and fulfill our promises to investors.
Alex Faliushin,
CEO of CoinLoan


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