Aave re-opened ETHLend's doors to US lenders

Today an ETHLend update has been published which includes new features, both planned and suggested by our precious users and community !

And with this release, Aave re-opened ETHLend's doors to US lenders!

Here a summary of the advantages introduced with the new release:

  • A set of public and accessible data and statistics, for both users and developers was created. You can now borrow DAI at less the 10% on average!
  • The marketplace is now public, there is no need to autenticate to see the loan requests anymore.
  • You can now be a Premium Borrower with 100k LEND in your wallet, and save a lot on fees!
  • Lenders can now know in advance the amount of tokens he will get when performing amarginal call.

There is more! If you wants details you can check our blog.


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