Email from Celsius

This email is to address some important updates from Celsius Network that have been implemented recently. 

What's Going On? 

As more members of our community have opted to earn interest in CEL, we have received new guidance from our legal counsel regarding CEL utility for US residents.

We have been advised to pause CEL interest payments to all US residents effective immediately. These residents will continue to earn interest from Celsius in-kind (BTC for BTC deposits, ETH for ETH deposits, etc).  

What are we doing?

We are continuing to work with our team of lawyers to come up with a solution that will allow US residents to benefit from CEL utility in a way that ensures we remain fully compliant.

We should have updates to share with our community in the next few weeks.

What can you do?

HODL on! ✊

As always, we are committed to doing what is best for our community. Your support and trust for our project are what keeps us motivated in the face of unexpected challenges.

US residents will of course continue to earn some of the best interest rates around, in-kind. 

Why is this in your best interest?

It is our top priority to do what’s best for you, and that includes making sure Celsius can be around for decades, not months. As the crypto industry rapidly evolves, we must avoid any unnecessary risk that could jeopardize our company, our community, and our mission. Disruption doesn’t happen overnight 💪

A quick update about Washington State…

Due to Washington State laws and regulations, Celsius cannot currently provide services to users in Washington State. While this block has been implemented for months, we recently added an additional layer of protection, blocking all IP addresses from Washington state. This affects users based on residency and current location.

If we don’t have your residential address, your account will be suspended and your interest rates are calculated but not distributed. Once you confirm with us that you live in a state other than Washington or New York, where our services are blocked, your interest payments will appear in your wallet balance. If you are in the US, you will also need to provide your Social Security Number to receive interest. If you do live in Washington or New York, unfortunately, we can not provide our services to you as of right now.

More Questions?

Please reach out to us at We are always here for you.


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