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From: Celsius Network <hello@celsius.network>
Date: Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 8:50 AM
Subject: 📢 Got CEL?! Buy, Trade, and CEL now on Liquid.com!
To: Mike Shokin <m.shokin@gmail.com>

$CEL is officially listed on Liquid!


We are thrilled to announce that the CEL utility token is officially listed on Liquid.com! Liquid is one of the leading international cryptocurrency exchanges ranking #8 on BTI's list of top exchanges by real volume. Learn more about this rewarding partnership on our blog.  

How to Unbank with CEL:


1. Sign up or sign in at Liquid.com

2. Add funds to your Liquid account

3. Use Liquid's trade platform to exchange and receive CEL*

4. Transfer your CEL tokens to your Celsius Network wallet

5. Earn up to 25% more on all your deposits!


For a complete step-by-step tutorial, please visit our blog. 


*Liquid currently supports ETH/CEL and BTC/CEL pairings. Users can purchase BTC or ETH via the Liquid.com platform to exchange for CEL tokens.


**This is not investment advice.

Earn on Your Terms 👊

CEL is an in-app utility token that offers even greater rewards for Celsius members, including up to 25% more interest income. There's no minimum deposit, no withdrawal fees, and no lockups.

Current Rates

Access your funds at any time and watch your wallet balance grow when you choose to earn in CEL!

Learn More 💡

How to Buy Cryptocurrency with Ease on Liquid.com


A step-by-step guide on how to use the liquid.com platform to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency

Additional information about Liquid's platform and services available for US residents.

Celsius Network Partners with Liquid.com Exchange


Learn more about our decision to list CEL on Liquid and why this partnership is in your best interest. 

CEL Utility Token, Explained


CEL is an in-app utility token that allows members to access a variety of rewarding Celsius services. Read about the first seven utilities and start earning more on your assets today!

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