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Upgrading our Borrow Experience

Borrow on your terms

We’re excited to announce a completely upgraded borrow experience on Dharma!
Starting today, borrowers on Dharma have complete optionality and control over their loans. You can choose to accept the market rates if you want instant liquidity, or you can set custom orders to satisfy your needs.

Giving our users more power

While the growth in our loan originations since launch has been staggering, we’ve received a lot of feedback from borrowers who want more control over the terms of their loans. Even if it means waiting a bit longer for liquidity, many of our users have specific needs that can’t be met by a single market rate.
With our new custom experience, borrowers have complete control over their loan requests and also get a direct line of communication with our growth team. As soon as your loan request is created, our team will work to find a qualifying match through lenders on Dharma. This way, custom loan requests will still be matched as quickly as possible.
Whether you want capital for one week, a starting collateralization ratio below 150%, or a liquidation threshold below 125%, this new experience allows you to leverage all of the benefits Dharma provides, on your terms.

How it works

The new borrow experience is built with the same best-in-class UX you’ve come to expect from Dharma. All of your loan details will be displayed at all times, so you can see how different variables affect your request. If you want instant liquidity, just set all of the terms to the default market rate.
Borrowers can now control the following parameters:
  1. The asset you want to borrow as well as the quantity you need
  2. Loan duration
  3. Interest rate (lower rates will take longer to match!)
  4. Liquidation threshold
  5. Collateralization ratio
Once you’ve specified your loan terms, just deposit your collateral and your loan request will be created. If you went with the default terms, your principal will arrive in minutes. If you specified custom terms, our team will let you know as soon as there’s a matching loan offer.
As always, we welcome any and all feedback from the community. We want to build the best borrowing experience on the market, and that means talking to our users to understand what features they want built. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to support [at] dharma [dot] io.
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Max Bronstein is the Business Development Manager at Dharma — the easiest place to borrow and lend cryptocurrency


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