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CoinLoan Announces GUSD’s Delisting

Starting on August 1st, GUSD will be removed from CoinLoan stablecoin list

by CoinLoan
Jul 23 · 

Why is GUSD being removed from CoinLoan?

First, the GUSD has yielded its position on the crypto-market, according to CoinMarketCap data. In December 2018, the market capitalization of GUSD was $103.91 million, ranking as the 49th most capitalized cryptocurrency. However, today, it has lowered to $12.23 million, dropping to 200th place in the rankings.

What is going to happen next?

On August 1st, GUSD will be delisted. This means users will not be able to deposit or use GUSD as a loan currency on the platform.

What if I still want to use a stablecoin on CoinLoan?

No problem! Stablecoins may come and go, but CoinLoan always has something else to offer.


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