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Credits Monthly Report, June 2019

Milestones and Achievements, June 2019

Welcome to the Credits June Monthly Report! With June behind us, we also wrap up our Q2, where we are proud to have achieved all our published milestones. For the Credits team, this was a period of continuous development and polishing of our technology. We have launched new products and continued making promising partnerships with companies in the blockchain space while expanding our relationships with leading systems integrators who will help us bring solutions to market. Now let’s recap the events of June 2019:

Technology Development

The most anticipated news of the month was the launch of the first of two stages of the Bug Bounty Campaign. With the help of our strong community, the program is intended to optimize the source code, eliminate vulnerabilities and improve the platform’s security. The event encourages the participation of all interested developers and security experts and has a total  prize fund of $500,000. 
June also heralded the release of additional assets within the Credits Blockchain Platform: 
  • Credits Mobile Wallet. To the delight of our passionate community, a free beta iOS wallet application was released to allow the secure storage and transmission, send and receive, of digital assets issued on Credits blockchain. Bringing the Credits platform ability to conducting transactions with lightning speed and minimal transaction processing time to a mobile audience.  Android users hang in tight, your release is forthcoming.
  • Credits Browser Wallet Extension - CESER. CESER is a decentralized browser application designed to manage wallet accounts and connect users to the Credits blockchain. A special feature of CESER is the ability to connect directly to the blockchain Credits network without entering users’ private keys on the websites.  This initial release is for the Chrome Browser with Opera to follow shortly behind.  
  • Credits First Decentralized Application. Dice Game. We also delivered our first decentralized application (dApp) with our Dice Game.  The Dice game, which is based on satoshi dice, is an easy-to-play crypto game meant to prove that a gambling dApp can be both traceable, transparent, and fair. It's just the first of many applications meant to demonstrate Credits platform’s capabilities. In our technology showcase via our testnet and dApp development environments, non-fungible Credits (CS) coins are used to wager and are awarded as prizes within the game. The Dapp allows players to adjust manually their winning probability and track their winnings. Full transparency is ensured through detailed reporting of each game with winning numbers generated via smart contracts that using a random number generator on the Credits blockchain platform.


  • The culmination of our development activities and the publishing of our code on GitHub vaulted the company into theTop 15 of the most active crypto projects on Github. The accomplishment reflects the continuous practical and operational approach of Credits team to keep its technology up to date. Anyone interested in seeing the latest updates to the platform is welcome to follow along in our Credits Technical Chat on Telegram, where notifications of edits to our source code are mirrored. 
  • Continuing to build our or dApp Portfolio, credits released the decentralized card game “Golden Girls” which was created by third-party developers on the company’s platform. This game provides another excellent example of how such applications can be developed on the high-speed and exceptionally capable Credits blockchain platform. 


  • Credits also participated in the Law & The 4th Industrial Revolution Summit in Vietnam which brought together representatives of companies in the IT and FinTech sectors to discuss advanced technologies and the effectiveness of blockchain and other advanced applications across industries. Credits Blockchain Platform was represented by its Vietnamese representative Manh Hong Nguyen who provided an overview of the capabilities of the Credits platform and established relationships with a number of blockchain experts in the region.  


The Credits Public Relations and Business Development teams were both instrumental in forging a partnership agreement with QuarkChain. The goal of this collaboration is to bring about new technological solutions leveraging the capabilities of both blockchains through collaboration and mutual support. Equally important for Credits was the establishment of additional on-boarding of high-tech companies like Iteora, ToughlexDreamguy’s TechnologiesGpsyProAspireGems Digital MediaArkbauerBajalogicsSprintCube who will provide implementation expertise and consulting support to customers wishing to use the Credits blockchain network worldwide. In addition to the implementation partners we’ve also added the media outlets such as ZyCrypto and CryptoTicker to the Credits family.


June 2019 saw an immense increase development of the Credits platform development enabling us to improve upon our existing products and to successfully launch the new ones. All of these accomplishments, and our actions behind the scenes, have allowed Credits to attract the attention of crypto enthusiasts and large companies inside and outside the blockchain technology market. We’ve witnessed a global increase in activity blockchain communities after the contractions of 2018 with the different online platforms awakening from their slumber.  Changes in foreign policy, and the attitudes of international IT-companies towards blockchain and FinTech in general have led to increased interest and cooperation. As the Credits Blockchain Platform continues to work towards the worldwide adoption of the blockchain technology, by providing new solutions and capabilities, we get closer to our decentralized future. As our solutions are introduced to industries and sectors an understanding of the limitless possibilities of blockchain and distributed ledger technology is taking shape.  We look forward to continuing to share the fruits of our labor and our inevitable conquests with you, our supportive community.


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