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Initial Exchange Offerings Analysis: Binance, Huobi, OKEx and Kukoin are the exchanges where the IEOs shows only positive dynamics*

Initial Exchange Offerings Analysis: Binance, Huobi, OKEx and Kukoin are the exchanges where the IEOs shows only positive dynamics*

*Among the exchanges that conducted not less than 3 IEO.
With IEO being the trend of 2019, DataLight analysts have collected the data about 55 projects that have gone through Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) on 20 exchanges.
IEO have so far been a lucrative investment for those brave enough to invest their money – with returns on top cryptocurrency exchanges hitting impressive figures. Notably, on Binance the average return on investment (ROI) per project was of 534%.
Top Projects by Raised money
So far, investors putting their money into Binance’s IEOs have been getting better returns than others. They’re followed by those on, which have on average seen a return of 368%, and on OKEx, whose average return per project was of 192%.
TOP Projects by ROI
Investors in other projects are yet to double their money. It’s worth pointing out the data is skewed by the top projects from these exchanges. On Binance, with BitTorrent’s BTT token, Matic Network’s MATIC, and with Harmony ONE, investors would’ve seen return of 975%, 763%, and 610% respectively.
ZB’s best performing IEO so far is that of V Systems (VSYS), which yielded investors a return of 368%, while OKEx’s En-Tan-Mo (ETM) rewarded them with a 228% return. What’s notable is that if investors sold at the top, returns on Binance’s IEOs would be at 2,356%, while on ZB and OKEx they would’ve been of 963% and 709%.
TOP Projects by ROI (ATH)
The most profitable project to invest in, if sold at the top, would have been ZB’s VSYS, as at one point its value was 2,356% above the sale price. It’s followed by OKEx’s BlockCloud (BLOC) which at one point was 1,711% above its initial offering price.
Top exchanges by raises
While IEOs on these three exchanges gave investors the best ROI, the exchange that raised the most through an IEO was Bitfinex, thanks to its Unus Sed Leo (LEO) token, that raised $1 billion from investors shortly after the exchange was accused of an $850 million ‘cover-up’ by the New York Attorney General.
TOP Exchanges by Average ROI in 1 project, a cryptocurrency exchange that covered a loss of nearly $200,000 worth of Ethereum Classic (ETC) after the cryptocurrency suffered a 51% attack, comes second in the amount of funds raised by a project, as its Gatechain Token (GT) raised a total of $75.7 million.
TOP Exchanges by Average ROI (ATH) in 1 project

Notes for Investors

While such data is definitely useful for short-term traders, it’s important to recognize that while IEOs have so far been performing very well, past performance doesn’t indicate what’s going to happen in the future. During 2017 initial coin offerings (ICOs) saw the price of their tokens skyrocket, and plummet in 2018. Some projects were subsequently abandoned, and many of those that weren’t never recovered from the drop.


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