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INLOCK applied to ‘Best Lending Use Case Award’

We are happy to share that we applied for the ‘2019 Top Blockchain in Lending Use Case
Award’ organized by Disruptor Daily.
Disruptor Daily’s goal is to drive the adoption of blockchain technology, and to do that,
they’re highlighting those companies that are truly leveraging the blockchain for all its
We believe that INLOCK complies with that, since – with our P2P platform – we provide
something unique to our clients. We will let you know once the voting has started!
INLOCK and the whole crypto backed loan industry is in Disruptor Daily focus. Earlier the magazine also mentioned INLOCK in a Top Watch post:
Inlock is a token market with a twist. The platform is used to provide token fiat loans to those with crypto portfolios to leverage, but it has also created a product line called a “Superposition”. Those who invest on the Inlock token market can take a “Superposition”, meaning that they hold simultaneous stakes in two different positions. Depending on how market factors play out, they can ultimately choose the one stake that they are most confident in and lock it it. Other features of the platform include wealth preservation tools that release an investor from a stake once the value hits a certain threshold, ensuring that they aren’t left penniless in worst-case scenarios.
And finally what is the usecase of INLOCK? Let’s see:
INLOCK helps companies whose income is mostly in cryptocurrencies and would like to refinance their expenses with crypto based loans instead of selling their reserves. INLOCK is the answer if you have to refinance milestones of long projects but also need to pay out employees on a weekly basis or manage the volatility of your company’s assets. With INLOCK you do not have to sell your own crypto assets at an unfavorable price. We are the best choice for those companies or individuals that believe in the crypto ecosystem and do not want to sell their future wealth.
On the other hand, INLOCK is a solution for hedging your crypto investments’ risks! Looking for some profit while staying in stablecoins? Wait no longer, you can deposit USDC, become a lender and start earning interest now – what’s even better: with INLOCK, you can set your own interest rates!


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