From :: Nexo adds Tron as Collateral - Get Instant Loan and Credit

Nexo adds Tron as Collateral - Get Instant Loan and Credit

Finally as Nexo adds Tron in its platform , all Tron investors, traders and fans can rejoice. Now you can take instant Fiat loan on your Tron as collateral, also you will get instant credit line depending on your deposit value. All user funds in Nexo are insured by Bitgo for 100 million dollars , which minimizes the risk in case of mishap like hacking.

Tron added in Nexo Platform

Key Points

  • Minimum loan limit – 500 USD
  • Maximum loan limit – 2000,000 USD
  • Interest – 8% APR
  • 100 million USD insurance by Bitgo
  • Automated platform using Smart Contracts
  • No credit Check required
  • Nexo token holders gets 30% of company profits as dividend
  • Earn 8% interest on stable coins
  • Nexo Master Card
  • Smart Contract driven automated platform
Right now Topup and withdraw functions not enabled yet but they will be soon added. Right now minimum loan you can take is 500 USD which will be reduced to as low as 100 USD in future to include as many people as possible. Nexo said that due to bank transaction fees its not posdible to reduce the limit at present but they will try to reduce it as and when is possible.

Nexo - Flexible instant crypto credit lines

Ditch the banks

Crypto industry is maturing fast and you can take benefit from it. Instead of going to banks which reject your credit applications due to any reason. Just deposit your crypto as collateral in nexo and take credit in your local currency instantly. If value of your crypto appreciates , your credit line also get extended. In case value depreciates ,you will be asked to put more collateral. All in all a win win , if you are looking to hold your crypto for long terms and in case of emergency cash needs can get loan without actually selling your assets.
Tell me in comments, if you have used Nexo or planning to use it. Meanwhile you can check below the other latest updates for Tron and Crypto


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