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Nexo is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Terra

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Nexo and Terra
Dear Nexonian,
Nexo is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Terra, the project building next-generation algorithmic stablecoins and payment systems on blockchain technology.
Nexo and Terra aim to grow lending and savings market in Asia via Terra’s e-commerce alliance, which has direct access to 45 Million users generating $25 Billion Gross Merchandise Valueon an annual basis.
The collaboration focuses on two aspects:
  1. Adding Terra as a collateral option for Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ .
  2. Offering double-digit annual returns to Terra holders by topping Nexo’s 8% interest with additional interest from Terra’s unique seigniorage model.
“We are excited to add Terra to the growing list of available stablecoins offered on our platform,” said Antoni Trenchev, Managing Director of Nexo.“With its unique seigniorage model and its impressive e-commerce alliance, Terra is set to become among the most widely used stablecoin in Asia and beyond.”
Nexo and Terra
Daniel Shin, the co-founder of Terra, recently appeared on the Borderless Crypto Podcast, led by Nexo’s George Manolov. Daniel shared how:
  1. Terra is not about trading crypto but about spending in the real world
  2. You can save up to 10% on online purchases with Terra
  3. Terra achieves stability, without being backed by real-world assets
  4. Terra compares to Facebook’s Libra but offers different value propositions
  5. You can get double-digit annual returns with Terra on Nexo
Listen To The Podcast
Yours Sincerely,
Your Nexo Team
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