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Nexo is Removing All Withdrawal Fees

No Fees
Dear Nexonian,
We are happy to share with you that effective immediately, Nexo is removing all withdrawal fees associated with your Nexo Wallet transactions and we will even cover the blockchain network fees.
This makes the Nexo Wallet the only wallet in the blockchain space to offer services at #ZeroFees.
You can now you receive, send & pay with crypto at no cost to you!
The Nexo Wallet app
From its onset, Nexo has always been about decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions for social inclusion and providing crypto banking services to even the remotest corners of the world.
Running a truly global enterprise across 200+ jurisdictions means that Nexo’s signature Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ and our high-yield ‘Earn Interest’ products are for anyone. Their very goal is to further enhance financial freedom and financial returns from the comfort of your Nexo Wallet, now available on all iOS and Android devices.
Since the beginning of 2019 Bitcoin has delivered astounding returns exceeding 840% on an annualized basis and Nexo clients have been able to profit from the bull run in the most tax- and cost-efficient manner by borrowing against their crypto rather than selling it.
The Nexo model is in line with Millennials' expectations as to what financial services should cost and Satoshi’s vision of low-cost transfer of value in a borderless manner.
Maximize your returns now by securing an Instant Crypto Credit Lines™and utilize Nexo’s high-yield ‘Earn Interest’ product to earn 8% per year, all at #ZeroFees.
Share this amazing news with your community and let us together create the necessary pressure for all major companies and exchange in the crypto space implement a #ZeroFees model!
Best Regards,
Your Nexo Team


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