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P2P bridge between MakerDAO and Compound

Hey there,
InstaDApp is always keen on making sure that users have a smooth experience whilst facilitating all their “banking on blockchain” needs.
With the stability fee fluctuations, we've introduced a P2P bridge between MakerDAO and Compound, providing benefits to users, to Maker and to Compound creating efficiency between protocols. Read more about how it will actually works.
We are delighted to see that within few days of launch, $1.4M+ worth ETH and 729k DAI crossed the bridge, check out the Protocol Bridge!
This bridge will provide the best borrowing rates for DAI, help you earn interest on the ETH locked and also allow you to borrow not only 66% but 75% of your collateral value. The liquidation penalty on Compound is also 5% as compared to MakerDAO (13%).
A few things our users have to say about InstaDApp: 
  • This is how easy it is to transfer a loan from one "bank" to another in decentralized web, built on ethereum. Literally takes minutes. Just thinking of it blows my mind. (tweet)
  • @InstaDApp team have built a bridge between two smart contract protocols on ethereum so one can now seamlessly move collateral and loans between the two protocols to optimise a credit portfolio and enhance returns. (tweet)
  • Flip and flop to get the best interest rate. @InstaDApp keeps improving the productivity of your money in DeFi! (tweet)
  • I am *loving* @InstaDApp for how easy it is to use @MakerDAO, @compoundfinance and @UniswapExchange . What a breeze. And it has wonderful UX, surfacing only the info the user needs. (tweet)
  • A prime example of 21st century banking. (tweet)
  • I use @InstaDApp more then my fait bank account (tweet)
  • One legacy banking comparison would be if one could refinance a collateralized loan at one bank and re-use same collateral to refinance at a better rate at another bank within minutes, with two clicks of the mouse. (tweet)
    If you don’t already know, we just updated our homepage! Now providing users with a general idea with what they can do with InstaDApp. Like I mentioned earlier, we are always working towards enabling an effortless experience with Autonomous Banking - check out our new homepage.
    We’re always excited to hear from you guys. Feel free to leave a suggestion, query or complaints on TelegramTwitter or just hit reply to this email!
    Vish from InstaDApp


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