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Small Business Bond™  by SMBX

Happy 4th of July!

Many of you know that last month we received our FINRA license, and with it, the legal green light to operate our new era Small Business Bond™ marketplace.

We’re now announcing that later this month we are launching our first Small Business Bond™ offering: Bernal Cutlery, a renowned high-end cutlery shop based in SF- and Oakland. We invite you to participate!

Our iOS mobile App will be available on the Apple App store near the end of July. We will send you a notification when it’s available for download. Until then, you can learn more here about the world’s first Small Business Bond™ offering.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this 4th of July, we take a moment to reflect on Emerson’s statement of what defines America is opportunityfreedom, and power:

Opportunity –the gift of being able to live and build the kind of world we want to live in;

Freedom –political freedom, yes, but also the financial freedom achieved by realizing the ‘American Dream’; and

Power –the power over our money to both profit by investing it while supporting the creation of a more equitable world.

At the SMBX we take Emerson’s claim seriously. Starting this month, we’ll be inviting you to come join the SMBX on behalf of the opportunity, freedom, and power that define us all.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Independence Day!

Sincerely, Ben Lozano, CEO of the SMBX  


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