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Some deals are too good to miss

We at CoinLoan work hard to make an efficient crypto lending platform. Further, we want to implement as many improvements as we can. Fortunately, we have done just that.
Today, we’ve got excellent news for you! CoinLoan is offering lower withdrawal fees.

Keep in Mind:

  • Starting on August 6th, the average withdrawal fee will be cut in half for all users.
  • Withdrawal Minimal Amount will be also reduced for euros and cryptocurrencies.
Read on for more details.

We Cut Withdrawal Fees in Half

Withdrawals are important. Any action you take on this platform, like lending, borrowing, buying/selling, and earning using your referral link, requires a withdrawal. As there is no way to avoid withdrawals, we figured it was time to make them cheaper and easier.
Last time we checked, we had the lowest fees on the market for borrowers and lenders.
Our previous fees update resulted in complete removal of lending fees. Now, the time has come to move forward and cut platform fees even more. From now on, we take about 50% off the withdrawal fees for fiat, crypto, and stablecoins. For instance, withdrawing bitcoins from the platform you’re now paying 0.0005 BTC instead of 0.001 BTC.
You can find the updated prices on Fees Schedule page.

We Decreased Withdrawal Minimal Amount

Lower fees mean lower withdrawal limits!
Withdrawal limits on CoinLoan mean the minimal amount you can withdraw. Updated fees allowed us to cut limits significantly for euros and cryptocurrencies. So, now you can transfer 0,001 BTC from the platform instead of 0,01 BTC as it was before.
To find out your withdrawal limits, go to My Wallet, find the currency needed and, press Withdraw. Here you’ll see the sum available for withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal amount, your withdrawal fee, and the amount you’ll get.
Figure 1: Example of how to see your withdrawal information.

Don’t want to miss our next announcement? Keep an eye out!


CoinLoan is a P2P lending platform for cryptoassets backed loans.


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