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Here are the TOP-5 new Loan Offers and Requests on the CoinLoan Platform we think you'll like.​
Top Loan Offers​​
Loan LimitInterest RateTerm
100 USDC - 6,496 USDC20%7 days - 3 months
100 EURS - 6,123 EURS14%1 year
100 EUR - 3,000 EUR12%7 days - 1 month
100 USDC - 4,450 USDC20%7 days - 3 months
0.5 XMR - 1,000 XMR2%7 days - 3 years
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Top Loan Requests​​
Loan AmountInterest RateTerm
25,000 EUR7%2 years
25,000 EUR9%1 year
10,000 EUR8%2 years
10,000 EUR10%1 year
50,000 USDC8%2 years
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